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Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Something I really needed to read, from Georgie Fear

I've been feeling a bit "relapsy" lately -- perhaps it's because I've been spending more time cleaning out the home office than going to to the gym, or perhaps it's the holiday gatherings with friends and family. The wheels haven't come off but they're definitely wobbly, so I was heartened when I read this post from Georgie Fear, titled I Just Want to ‘Check Out’: Combating Escape-Driven Eating. I've been back and forth to Goodwill and the city library, ankle deep in crap, and at times nothing would feel better than to polish off that bag of snacky poofs in the pantry, but I haven't polished anything off, save for a bag of baby carrots. I did eat some of the poofs but I measured out a serving, which was a substantial size since they're so poofy. Did they make the junk go away? No. 


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