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Weight Watchers Wednesday: The tiny snowball

OK, I rolled up a tiny snowball this week -- a 4-ounce snowball to be exact. But it's a quarter pound down and it's about right. There was still a lot of lazy meal planning and forgetful food journaling, so this week the goal is to make the snowball bigger by:

  • Planning my meals BEFORE I eat them instead of eating, going "Oh, crap, 12 Points!" and then tracking.
  • Drinking more water and waterlike substances. I got a little better this week but still not nearly enough.
  • Going to bed before midnight. Going to bed before midnight. GOING TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT!!! (I need reinforcing.)
  • Enjoying the cooler weather with more outdoor walks.

OK, that's enough for this week. If I were to actually DO all these things and do them consistently, the weight loss will continue.

image from www.prince-books.com

Is consistency a problem for you? (It is for me.)

Wordless Wednesday: The fitness brand gang riot

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Brand name gang riotHad to get the kid to take a picture of me, post workout, because I noticed the fitness brand gang riot happening on me from head to toe.

Really, I put everything together because they all had some peachy-pinky thing going on, but it was a Nike hat, Moving Comfort sports bra (on sale this week at Dick's, BTW), UnderArmour shirt (my fave), Adidas pants (also on sale at Dick's), Nike socks and Brooks running shoes.

Wordless Wednesday: Are you getting enough? (Sleep, that is)

Getting enough sleep is one of my goals -- I tend to stay up too late fiddling around on the computer and/or watching TV. Then, I often end up snoozing away the morning. Not very productive! I've been getting better but can definitely make improvements. Check out these stats gathered by BodyMedia. The BodyMedia device tracks sleep quality on people who wear it to bed. (Click on the graphic to enlarge it.)