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On hold but not off plan

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I put a couple of fitness apps on hold for my upcoming trip to Savannah for FitBloggin'. While I'm still doing my meal logging part of the Pact app, I put the gym visits and fruit/veggie logging on hold until I get back because Pact doesn't count hotel gyms. It does count Fitbit steps over 10,000 but I don't want to risk losing a chunk of money because I only got 9,000 steps. As for the produce, it's notoriously hard to load up on veg while on the road but I'm going to do my darndest. I just don't want to stress about it. 

I also put the Chris Powell Bod-e app on hold until I get back because I'll be away from my kitchen and making meals won't be happening. Still on board with carb cycling, which I'll do when I can.

That said, I'm not going off the rails.

I'm still planning on getting in daily activity, when and where I can (#wycwyc) and making healthy choices when it comes to mealtime.

The only food I'm bringing with me is a box of protein bars so I won't find myself making a bad food choice if I get stuck. I used to bring a lot more food with me -- instant oatmeal, protein powder, canned sardines, high-fiber crackers -- but the goal is not to make food "crazy making" at home or away.

I know people who enter "vacation mode," relax the rules, enter the Kingdom of the French Fry, and then bitch about all the vacation weight they've gained.

That's never been my plan and I want to keep my perfect record of either not gaining weight or losing weight while away.

Building muscle at Disney World

Just got back from a week tooling around Central Florida with the family. Most of the week was spent at Walt Disney World -- all four parks. And lemme tell ya, I have learned one thing:

Walking builds muscle.

OK, I learned another thing:

America -- we're fat!

If the Disney theme parks are a microcosm of America, then we're a bunch of turkey leg-chomping, scooter driving, 100-pound soda-swilling 5-year-olds stuffed into strollers. 

I wish I could say I am exaggerating but I"m not. I was Judgie McJudgerson all week. Here's a snippet of my inner dialogue:

  • "Get that kid out of the stroller and make him walk!"
  • "Why are you using a scooter? I just saw you get up and walk to the concession stand!"
  • "Seriously? You're eating that?"

And so on.

I felt a little bad about being so judgmental when my own caboose is plus sized but at least I was hoofing it while pounding down water and searching for fresh produce. (Yes, I found some.)

But the weight-loss psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic said it was OK and likened it to a newly minted non-smoker getting all up in the business of smokers. You look at things with new eyes.

  I can report that trying to eat healthfully at Disney's Orlando parks can be done. Some parks have fruit and vegetable stands where you can grab a banana or pack of baby carrots. Vegetarian dishes are on many menus. Grilled chicken sandwiches and salads are nearly everywhere. 

Epcot_tofuAt right is a lunch that I had at Epcot's China pavilion: stir-fried tofu and vegetables. Yes, the rice is white (there was no brown) but you pick your battles where you can. I ate half the rice, and I used the chopsticks to slow down the meal.

My favorite change is that the kids' meals automatically contain baby carrots, 100 percent juice and apple slices. You have to opt in to get fries, soda and cookies. 

I also brought along protein bars, Laughing Cow Light wedges (no fridge, no problem!) and Crystal Light Pure Fitness packets. And once there, we made a grocery run, and I stuffed the minibar crevices with Greek yogurt for breakfasts.

Getting back to the muscle thing

So, how'd I do? We left the day after I weighed in at Cleveland Clinic and came back the day before this week's weigh-in (today). I managed to lose a quarter of a pound but here's the really cool stats:

  • I lost 2 percent of my body fat
  • I gained 3 pounds of muscle

So that quarter pound is looking pretty good, huh? At first I was a bit bummed about the small loss but I reminded myself: Disney World is not the Biggest Loser Ranch. It is not designed for weight loss. Yet I managed to lose.

But that 3 pounds of muscle really has me jazzed. I did hit the spacious hotel gym a couple days and did some resistance work but I think it was the walking that built the muscle. First day was 7 miles, then 12.7, then another 8. The other couple days were a more sedate 3-5 miles. 

Since starting the Cleveland Clinic Non-Surgical Weight Loss Program seven weeks ago, I've lost 5 pounds but gained 8 pounds of muscle and lost 4 percent of my body fat.

While the total poundage lost is kinda small, I've turned fluffy fat into 8 pounds of lean muscle. While it'll be nearly impossible to lose the rest of the weight without losing some muscle, I'm pretty impressed with my machinery.

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