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If you punish yourself, you're gonna get bruised

BruiseThat is the inside of my upper right arm and a ridiculously colorful and large bruise. I got it after falling off my Bosu ball Saturday morning.

It's also the exact moment when I decided to stop punishing myself because the scale wasn't moving. I've been beating myself up the past few months and now I've got the black and blue marks to prove it somewhat metaphorically (I also have a bruise on my left calf and my backside).

I've been absolutely wonderful on the exercise component and good on the food component, but nighttime snacking was probably unraveling all the work I did with exercise. We all know that too many calories can completely undo any fitness plan.

I've been so stressed about "performing" on the scale that I believe (definitely not scientific) my body was hanging onto every pound. When I decided to not worry about the number on the scale and just eat and exercise like a normal person, I stepped on the scale this morning and lost a pound.

I tend to make my diet far too difficult than it needs to be. Did I eat protein? Is it time to have a snack? Am I even hungry? Should I wait until I get hungry?


Meal time became too complicated and fraught with indecision. So I'm going back to The Simple Diet -- Dr. James Anderson's book and plan that came out in January. He realizes that his eating plan isn't a lifetime thing -- just something brainless to get the weight off. And I really, really like smoothies and protein bars, so it's something I can live with and not have to engage my overactive brain. (You can read more about Anderson and his plan HERE.)

And heck, even my beloved Arctic Zero can figure into the plan -- a pint of it is 150 calories and 15 grams of protein, which would count as a meal-replacement shake.

So that's where my head is at this week, and it feels much better.