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Pick a diet, any diet!

Just a selection of what the UPS dude has dropped off.

This time of year is busy-busy-busy for people who write about weight loss, which I do over at I do my third-person objective journalist thing over there and save the first-person fun for the blog. (And to keep things even more kosher, I do reviews at Shrinking Sisters Reviews.)

Inundated with new weight loss plans, my head spins. All those books in the photo above are well-researched, reputable, non-crazy ways to lose weight. All will work, I'm sure, if you read and follow their plans. That doesn't even mention the flood of press releases from all the food, DVD, program and clothing people pitching their brand of hope for New Year's resolutions.

So which path do I choose for Jan. 1? My resolution for 2011, if you didn't already see it, is to NOT have weight loss be my 2012 resolution.

And then, I get a phone call from my sister.

(To see what she and I will be doing, you'll need to click over to Shrinking Sisters Reviews.)

Good luck with whatever you choose for 2011 and let's keep sharing our successes right here.

Happy New Year from Gail, Carol & Laura