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Busy bee back from BlogHer

30 rock
Had to get the 30 Rock shot.

Popping in between road trips to update my Summer Spectacular results.

Stayed the same this week. 235.5 or so.

That's cool, because I spent the weekend at BlogHer in New York and probably drank more booze than I did all of last year, which is not saying much.

I avoid alcohol, not because of moral reasons, but because it's purely empty calories. This weekend, Thursday night found me at a winery with a glass of wine in each hand and another after I finished those -- thank goodness Sarah Mock of How I Pinch a Penny, and I took the subway back to the hotel. But wedge heels, lots of subway steps and wine are not a good mix. (And thanks for the subway ride, Sarah! I owe ya one!)

The next night I had a vodka-cranberry, emphasis on the vodka. And since I was not stuffing my face, that drink went a long way.

So four drinks in one weekend. I usually drink about four drinks a year.

Rockettes dance passAnd many of my meals and snacks involved free eats from the expo, which often didn't get recorded. But I'm happy to report that America's love of Greek yogurt shows no decline. There were quite a few companies showcasing their new lines of Greek yogurt, which I ate for dinner Friday night while watching the Olympics in my room (party animal!).

I did workout with the Rockettes on Friday morning, but it wasn't exactly a butt-kicker. More of a fun workout. We did learn to kick, though, and walk like toy soldiers. Walking like a toy soldier (non-moving arms and stiff knees) puts all your movement in your hips and backside. So while you may get crazy stares, walking like a tin soldier is a great workout.

Saturday morning, I joined a bunch of bloggers for an early-morning walking tour of the city. And while it wasn't a tough workout, Erin Sipes of My Very Educated Mother, and I speed-walked back to the hotel to make our appointments.

Later this week, I'll be making another road trip -- this time to Orlando to check out the Zumba instructors' national convention, where Beto Perez and his team will be showcasing the latest music and workouts for the hugely popular workout. Among some of the celebs scheduled to be there: Zumba music guys Vanilla Ice and Yankee Daddy and Kathy Najimy. Why Kathy? This is cool -- she recently lost 50 pounds and her workout of choice was Zumba, so I'm hoping to talk to her about that.