Tunes for Tuesday: Hey Look Ma, I Made It, by Panic! at the Disco
Hi! It's me! How long has it been?

Hi, guys! Who's up for better habits?


When's the last time I blogged?

(Checks the blog ...)

Wow, May, huh?

Well, it's a new year, so no time like the present.

Have I gained all the weight back? 


Nope! Still rockin' the Athleta size 10 jeans. 


That last 5 pounds I want to lose to get to 100 has turned into 10 pounds. I still ended 2019 around 10 pounds lighter than when I started it.

I blame my (fairly) new job and its late nights. I tend to get off of work and wander into the kitchen, and a 2 a.m. half bagel and cream cheese had been my go-to snack. Or popcorn or some random cookie or other starchy, carby stuff. Or maybe all of them if I stay up too late.


I felt myself slipping into some undisciplined habits, so for the new year, I'm spending a chunk of change on a Noom membership. I tried it over the summer, but my head wasn't in the right place for it, and now it is. I already know what foods are beneficial for me and which ones do nothing but make me eat more starchy, carby crap. What I like about Noom is that it's largely a behavioral tool. I can get lazy about meal planning and make all kinds of excuses, and Noom works intensely on building good habits. 

As far as eating goes, the calories per day are good for me. It has me around 1,200, which may be too low for many people, but me and my tiny tum-tum are cool with that amount. It also categorizes food by caloric density into green, yellow, and red. "Green" foods are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. "Yellow" is lean meats and starches, and "Red" is the fun stuff -- fats, desserts, red meat and sugary stuff. Shortly after surgery I found it hard to get in a lot of produce, and to be honest, I got out of the habit of reaching for that first, so I'm loving the friendly shove into the produce department. Today for example, I made an omelet with one egg, a couple tablespoons of shredded cheese and a big handful of baby spinach. Normally I'd have something like a piece of toast or tortilla or bagel half with it, but instead I had half a pear. I've also started swapping bell pepper strips and Greek yogurt dip for my beloved bagel and cream cheese snack, and I can honestly say the creaminess of the yogurt has the same effect as the cream cheese.

Yes, food tracking is involved, but science shows that tracking your food leads to more weight-loss success. And it takes almost no time to point your phone at a barcode or do a simple search for the food.

If you're interested in trying Noom, you can use THIS LINK to get 20 percent off, which is a great deal, because I signed up with zero discount! 


Since I got this full-time job, my blogging and social media activity has taken a big hit -- not a bad thing, if you ask me! So here's the latest selfie-like picture I took, back in October. Other than my hair being a bit longer, I'm still this size, but some days lately I feel like I'm fueled by Christmas cookies -- not a good thing for a bariatric patient.

That said ...

      • No resolutions
      • No ultimatums
      • No detox
      • No paleo
      • No keto
      • No Whole 30
      • No WW
      • No restrictions

Just smarter choices. Oh, and perhaps a promise to update the blog every week or so. I sorta miss it.

And once again, if you wanna try Noom, here's a code to save some bucks:

And what else -- a whole bunch of inspirational graphics!