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Is shooting for 100 pounds lost a shallow goal?

Keep_It_100Hey, I just started my new job this week and I have my "weekend" today and Thursday, so I get to play catch-up on a bunch of stuff -- one of which is this blog.

The few pounds that I gained over a few weeks came off really easily plus a couple more, which now leaves me just 5 pounds away from losing 100 pounds.

Do I need to lose 5 pounds? Not really. I'm comfortably into my size 10 Athleta and NYDJ jeans and wearing more mediums than larges in tops. 

But do I want to lose those 5 pounds and strut around saying "I lost 100 pounds?" 

What do you think?


To be clear, 165 pounds is still 16 pounds away from a so-called "healthy" BMI number. Apparently I need to be below 150 to fit that outdated standard, and not even my doctors and dietitian is pushing for that. (For more on BMI, click HERE at 

But for me? I think 165 will be just fine -- better than fine, really. I still want to build more muscle and probably shave off a little more fat and I saw that working out super regularly, like I did last week, goes a long way to achieving that goal.

This week, though? Eeek. I missed Monday and Tuesday because I was reminded that slogging back and forth through traffic and working a full day does not make one eager to workout as soon as they get home from work. So I'll play catch-up with that today and tomorrow, and also on the days that I'll be working evenings. It's a lot easier to workout before work, but I don't want to get up at 5 a.m. right now to do that because that won't be my regular schedule in a couple weeks.

Am I making excuses for not working out? Sure! But I don't need to make myself nutty anymore when it comes to working out, so it's all good. I'll get enough in while my schedule jumps around. I'll also make sure to take the stairs at work and take active breaks during the workday instead of sticking my nose in my phone in the break room.

So yeah, I'm gonna go for it.


Back from my weight-loss rumspringa!

(I had written a great blog post a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to hit "save" and the whole thing went ka-blooey and I got ticked off and didn't feel like rewriting it, so here we are today. Hiya!)

The Amish and Mennonite communities have a rite of passage called rumspringa, where some teenagers in the sects sow their oats for a bit before coming back into the fold (or not -- I've seen those TLC reality shows).

Anywhoozle, I kinda did that the past few weeks, but instead of oats I used popcorn. And really good granola, and basically anything that could fit in Tiny Tum-Tum.

I’ve been using the LoseIt app and WW, but the 6-month membership to WW had run out as did my interest. I was realizing that those magical zero-Point foods weren’t wielding their magic anymore, and I was just eating random hard-boiled eggs and tangerines because ZERO! Listen, food is food, and the plan is great and all, but I have a finite amount of real estate inside me (going from a McMansion to a studio) and I really can’t be eating food and not counting it.

I also discovered that carbing it up and not counting said carbs led to a gain of 3 pounds from March 17 to April 1. Not a huge gain, but a gain nonetheless, and I am not into backsliding.

So I’ve pared things down to the LoseIt app now and vowed to count everything I consume.

What else am I doing?

Better meal planning: None of this willy-nilly foraging in the kitchen stuff.

Tuna salad

Better meals: I can get pretty lazy with eating, depending on protein bars, protein shakes, protein tortilla chips, protein waffles -- you get the drift. Some of those things just don’t leave me satisfied, so I stocked up on cottage cheese, nonfat Greek yogurt, and tuna packets for “lazy” protein that is more satisfying and “food” like. (That's a Thai chili tuna packet and some chopped avocado over salad greens.)

Jillian body rev

An Active April: I had been half-assing my workouts and to fully-ass them, I made a pledge on Instagram to do something -- anything -- every day this month. I pulled out my copy of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from 2012 and am committing to that for the month. So far so good. I’m three workouts in and really enjoying the half hour workouts.

So, lemme tell ya, it doesn’t take much to turn this ship around: Those 3 pounds I found on Monday are just about gone as of Wednesday. I don’t know if it’s because I’m smaller, or my metabolism is better or what, but I can turn things around pretty quickly now and it’s gratifying.

Gail 0419

I spent all of Wednesday wearing my Athleta size 10 petite jeans and I felt pretty darn bad-ass.

(I’m growing my hair out a bit from the big December chop and I feel a bit like that guy from “The IT Crowd.”)

Gailface 0419
Gailface 0419

OK, not quite, but growing out haircuts is the worst.

In other news…

I got a new job! I’ve been freelancing for the past decade and the hustle game has never been my thing, so starting Monday I’ll be on the alerts desk at CBS Sports Digital. I’m really psyched because I have always loved writing headlines and it’s sports! Everybody loves sports! So no hard news (I’ll leave that to the husband). I'll still continue doing stuff for Fit Bottomed Girls because I lurrve them and it's fun.

I’ve been sorting out my office wardrobe, since working from home plus losing over 90 pounds means I have a lot of bummin’ around stuff but not much for working around people who aren’t your family or dog. Thank goodness for ThredUp, Poshmark and sales at Athleta, Old Navy and Loft (those are my go-to stores now). It still blows my mind that I'm in sizes 10, 12 and medium now. I haven't worn those since I was in my 20s.

I’m also perusing my lunchbag and container stash because I’ll be bringing my own stuff. It’s much easier to deal with my tiny stomach and its many likes and dislikes without wasting money on takeout food.

So, to use a phrase from my mom, that's what's new in the zoo.