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Stuff I love: Clean protein that isn't full of junk

Who is this person? Apparently, it's the new me

I had just gotten done at the gym and needed some Propel, so I swung by a local grocery store. I got my Propel (Yay, it was on sale!), plus a few other things, and loaded up my trunk. As I got in the car, I was facing a Starbucks in the shopping plaza. 

It was nearing noon, so I figured I'd stop in and grab lunch, so I looked at the Starbucks app on my phone to order something to go. 

I scrolled past the entrees, the drinks, the specials and nothing jumped out at me. Remember, I can either drink or eat -- can't do both at the same time anymore because of the surgery. 

Cold brew? Nah. Iced tea. Not feelin' it. Egg white bites? Hmmmm, nah. 

Nothing. Nothing called out to me. 

No starbucks

Pre-surgery I could always make a successful Starbucks run. There was always something I could find to order. Something always looked or sounded yummy. But now? I just wasn't interested. All I wanted to do was go home, take a shower and drink a Propel. 

In a weird way, I was a little disappointed in my disinterest -- but just a little disappointed. I chose to have surgery that would shut down my constant hunger and overwhelming interest in food, and it worked. A lot of the time I have to almost force myself to eat, especially around dinner. And then when I do find something to eat, I can't eat much. (Thank goodness for unflavored collagen peptides and protein powder -- I put them in lots of things just to get my protein quota for the day.) Last night I had a cup of "Oprah soup" (O That's  Good Creamy Tomato Basil Soup) with a scoop of Genepro whey protein. Fortunately, the protein powder just disappears into the soup, but just to be safe I added a tablespoon of shredded Parmesan. Tiny Tum-Tum was happy.

In other news

From my pre-surgery doctor's appointment to April 30, I'm officially down 50 pounds, which blows my mind.