Words of Wisdom Wednesday, from Lucy Maud Montgomery
Choose your Points well, Grasshopper

Time to stop being a petulant food baby

Goldfish bag

See that up there? That was scarfed down last week while catching up on the DVR backlog at about, oh, 1 in the morning.

At least it was a 1-ounce single-serve bag.

I sat there with the crumpled bag in my hand and said to myself. "OK, show's over, petulant food baby. Goldfish eaten at 1 a.m. are not conducive to weight loss."

 (Me, late at night, with crunchy carbs.)

Why do I call myself a petulant food baby? Because I get all petulant when I realize that things like Goldfish crackers and Chocolate Cheerios have to GO FAR AWAY for me to succeed.


So I woke up the next morning and made a logo.

Summer of success 2016_edited-1

My sister and I did a "Summer Spectacular" a few years ago and it was less than spectacular. But we're older now, and perhaps wiser. My sister has been having some success by cutting down on carbs and loading up on lean protein and vegetables. I have been doing nothing specific, cherry picking the best tips from some of my favorite dietitians and docs (Dawn Jackson Blatner, Robert Ferguson, Dr. Ian K. Smith, among others) and keeping things balanced and non-crazymaking. 

I also took the bait and signed up for another 3-month hitch on Weight Watchers because I am determined to master its SmartPoints plan. I was also inspired by my friend Monica, who signed up just as I had quit the last time, and now she is down an impressive 25 pounds. (I'm totally picking your brain, girl!)

I kicked off the month of June by taking a free Orangetheory class. I've been wanting to try Orangetheory for ages. The workout was started at a local Pilates studio where I was briefly a member (Pilates and I don't mesh). 


First-ever @otheoryfitness class done! #orangetheoryfitness

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I loved the class -- and was able to keep up! The cool thing is everyone goes at their own pace, so if you're not a runner you power walk on the treadmill. They also have those cool rowers with the water in them (super smooth) and TRX for the strength training part (my triceps were so fried that they kept me awake all night). 

But as we all know, when losing weight it's mostly about the food, so no more "otter snacking" at night. I'm also studying the WW list of low Point foods so I'll be leaning on my carton of egg whites. I'm also not going to worry about fruit, which is to say I'm not going to plow through a Publix bowl of watermelon in one sitting, but if I have a few pieces of fruit a day IT'S OK.

Carol (my sister -- Shrinking Sisters, remember?) has been cooking her way through the Chicken Playbook and made this one a couple nights ago:

 I'm not putting any pressure on myself to lose weight by a certain date. My goal is to first shave off this 10 pounds that crept back on over the last year and go from there. 

Now that my eyes are good, I'm planning on dragging out a needlepoint kit and keeping it near the TV. Otters can't snack if they're making art!