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A #BeFitAllYear review and giveaway

I'm a Sweat Pink ambassador and this post is sponsored by Fit Approach.

I love working out at the gym or power-walking the neighborhood, but I also love the convenience of working out at home. There are a slew of on-demand fitness channels, and I've tried many of them, but I keep coming back to BeFit, which "lives" on YouTube. There's a huge variety of videos for exercisers of all levels, and best of all, they're free. Like fire up the browser or the YouTube channel or app on your device and go!

Because of my affiliation with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink ambassador, I was given the opportunity to review a new line of BeFit supplements as well as the BeFit 30 Day Fat Burn video series on YouTube. I love the 10-minute workouts -- they're great to tack onto a walking workout or a gym visit, and they're also great to do on their own, either as a pick-and-choose patchwork or a "better than nothing" 10-minute cardio blast.

Here's the intro video to the series:

 I got back after a 3-mile walk and did the Toned Abs & Arms workout, since I already worked my lower half. It was a great, tough little workout that I definitely felt the next day. Here it is:


The fun thing about these short workouts is if you're not too wiped out and you have ADD like me, you can swerve over to another BeFit workout and get in more exercising than you intended!

If, unlike me, you prefer to follow a calendar (party pooper!), you can print out a calendar for the series:

(Click on the image to print out a full-size copy.)

So, yeah, love the workouts. How are the supplements?


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I was sent the vanilla whey isolate and casein protein -- it also comes in chocolate. I'm fairly picky when it comes to protein powders -- I like them to be clean and free of artificial garbage, lots of added sugar and useless "miracle" ingredients. This one fit the bill. You get 22 grams of whey/casein protein for only 100 calories. It's also gluten free, non-GMO and sugar free (or "suger" as it says on the label -- come ON! That's a super easy word to spell, guys). Wasn't thrilled with the addition of carrageenan, though. It's sweetened with stevia and it's not overpowering or overly sweet -- just a nice, clean vanilla flavor that plays well with others. I made a quick smoothie with the protein, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and frozen mango. 

I tried the Pre-Workout, which had me amped up enough to want to try every machine at the gym. The fruit punch flavor was a little rough but I gulped it down and found it energized my workout. I just wouldn't pair it with a cup of coffee because you might get too wired. 

Speaking of wired, I don't know if I'm really sensitive to the ingredients, but the BeFit Burn had me super jittery, which is funny because the product page says Fat Burner Without the Jitters. It does have good stuff in it, including cinnamon, green tea leaf extract, probiotics and capiscum. But it just made me feel loopy. 

You can find the products, as well as a few others at BeFitnessNutrition.com, but why buy it when you can win some?

Follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to win your own free BeFit product kit of protein powder, Pre and Burn. If you win my giveaway and have already won another prize from BeFit through another blog, I'll have to choose another winner. 

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Deadline to enter is Saturday, March 12, so get going!