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Weight Watchers update: 4 pounds off and keeping my fuzzy eye on the prize

Since we last discussed the new Weight Watchers plan, I am down 4 pounds in those 2 weeks.

Have I been eating any differently? Not really, but I'm keeping starchy stuff in mind as I plan my meals. I alternate meals with starches (sandwiches, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.) with non-starchy meals (salads, smoothies, scrambles, "meat-and-veg"). And snacks are smaller. I have a tendency to obsess over making sure every meal and snack is balanced (I need protein! I need healthy fats!) but now if an apple and a few almonds will tide me over to the next meal then I'm good.

I'm not stressing about food, just plugging everything into the Weight Watchers app, and it's paying off. 

Now, the key is to keep on keeping on with this stressless approach.

I was going to update after the first week but I have a couple things going on -- a home office redo and eye doctor appointments. Both of these things have been either taking up all my time and/or keeping me off the computer. The husband is going to be working from home, so it was finally time to take the office from "garbage dump of random furniture" to a relatively pulled together functional home office. So I've been cleaning out and getting rid of particle-board desks and bookcases, clearing out the closet, painting the room (for the first time since we moved here in 1999!), vacuuming up 16 years of newly uncovered dust bunnies, putting together furniture and arranging the room for maximum space and efficiency. 

Happy to say, I'm about 90 percent done! All I really need to do is hang (less) stuff back on the walls and put out (fewer) doo-dads. 

Doing all the office stuff has kept my mind and eyeballs off the computer because these cataracts (the left one especially) are kicking my butt. I have the special "young person" cataracts that progress quicker than your Nana's cataracts. (Here's a great Washington Post first-person article on a 42-year-old's experience with cataracts.)

Eye folder
My "eye folder," full of eyeball options.

Working on the computer, using my smartphone, reading a book, driving on a sunny day, driving at night, grocery shopping -- all of these things are getting increasingly more difficult and annoying. And all those tasks basically sum up my day-to-day life. So after a particularly emotional eye exam, where I nearly broke down in tears trying to answer the "number 1 or number 2?" questions, I was overjoyed when the doctor said I needed cataract surgery. 

There's a Bascom Palmer Eye Institute location right down the street from my house and I realize how incredibly lucky I am to be walking distance to one of best eye hospital in the world. But for the surgery, scheduled a day before my birthday, I'll trek down to Miami. Right now I have to decide which replacement lens to choose -- standard, astigmatism correcting or super-fancy multifocal. I'm leaning toward the middle choice because I honestly like wearing glasses (and also that multifocal lens is super expensive).

I cannot wait to get this fuzzy old lens vaporized.