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Weight Watchers just got a lot 'harder' and I love it

Tuna vs pizza smartpoints
When I heard that Weight Watchers was revamping its Points system, I was intrigued, and although I swore off any more paid weight-loss plans, I really wanted to see what they were working on. 

Zulily was offering a 2-month online membership for $19.95, so I bought it and signed up again.

And, holy 20-Point pizza, the plan is different!

If you were used to carb-heavy meals and snacks, the new SmartPoints plan is a kick in the teeth. Points for bready, crackery, ice creamy foods have basically doubled.

And that's a good thing.

It REALLY forces you to rethink your food choices -- especially when you can eat an entire can of tuna for 1 Point, while a Weight Watchers Giant Fudge bar is now 5 Points.

Zero Point vegetables are still your best friends and now lean proteins are your BFFs, too. Like I said, a whole can of chunk light tuna in water is 1 Point and 3 ounces of turkey breast is also 1 Point.

And I wasn't kidding about 20-Point pizza. We had a Costco cheese pizza left from the teenager's New Year's Eve party, and thank goodness I cut it into 16 slices instead of 8 or I'd be eating lettuce for dinner. But it was lunch and I enjoyed it. I'll just enjoy pizza a heck of a lot less frequently.

I've been a member of Weight Watchers on and off since I was 10 years old (really), and this change is probably the most radical, results-driven change the company has ever made.

So we'll see how this 2 months plays out.