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Me, meal prep ... finally!

(I know that headline isn't much of a sentence but that's exactly what was going through my head late (late!) last night as I smiled at my bags and Tupperware containers in the fridge.)

I have tried every trick in the book but always hesitated on meal prep. I thought that was for fitness junkies and hard-core weightlifters. Besides, why would I want to have meals and snacks at the ready when I can just make perfect choices on a whim?

image from www.planetmotivation.comYeah, I know. 

So this weekend I printed out a meal plan from women's fitness expert Lynn Manning at 2fitathome.com, made sure I had all the ingredients, cooked what needed to be cooked and prepped my little heart out.

Food prep

There are entrees tucked in the bottom shelf of the fridge and a couple big bags of snacks packed in smaller bags. 

This was my first snack of the day, after I got back from the gym:

Snack 1

Raspberries, mini peppers and an ounce of almonds -- a nice combo of crunchy, salty, sweet and color.

The other bag of snacks contains a couple of hard-boiled eggs and sugar snap peas.

I pulled lunch out of the fridge, heated it up and -- boom -- done.


It really didn't take that long to throw everything together, although I should have done it earlier than midnight. 

I'm pulling out all the stops right now, listening to motivating podcasts, reading motivating blogs and books and making things as easy as possible. 

Because while this most recent trip has taken a few unexpected turns, I'm still staying the course.