Words of Wisdom Wednesday, from Lynn Manning
Stressless eating

'Goodnight Food' (With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

Wednesday night, I joined in on a Google Hangout with some great peeps who had an amazing conversation during this past FitBloggin'. It wasn't a scheduled session or keynote speech -- it was merely a late-night lobby chat that got real and emotional and cathartic. We promised each other that we'd try and keep the conversation going, and some of us did that last night.

I mentioned that after I get done cleaning up the dishes and getting myself something to drink and maybe an apple or a cheese stick, I will actually, out loud, say "Goodnight, kitchen!" and turn off the light.

Which got me to brainstorming, and to writing my version of "Goodnight Moon."



In the great big room

There was a fridge

And a broom

And a picture of edible flowers

And almond butter with magical powers

And a bowl of pears

And four kitchen chairs GK mushroom brush

And a mushroom brush and a box full of mush (well, steel-cut oats, which are not really mushy unless you cook them too long, but I digress…)

And a middle-aged lady whispering hush (to her growling stomach).


Goodnight kitchen.

Goodnight fridge

Goodnight broom

Goodnight flowers and almond butter with magical powers.

Goodnight peanut butter

GK pearsGoodnight pumpkin butter

Goodnight grass-fed butter

(What’s with all the butter?)

Goodnight pears

Goodnight chairs

Goodnight muffins drawing my stares

Goodnight food

Goodnight moon

And goodnight growling stomach noises everywhere.


Goodnight food graphic