Words of Wisdom Wednesday: From Robert Ferguson
Tunes for Tuesday: A Change Would Do You Good, by Sheryl Crow

Giant salads and chocolate removal

As I write this, I am eating a post-workout salad the size of a small dump truck. It's got leftover chicken, a little cheddar, leftover cherry tomatoes from a deli tray, some quinoa I found in the back of the fridge, some elderly avocado, Trader Joe's sodium-free salsa (seriously, it's the BEST) and lettuce. Lots and lots and lots of lettuce.

Big salad

I ate it straight out of the plastic clamshell. And that wasn't a normal-sized clamshell, that was a family-size plastic trough.

I hate to throw out food, and that salad was on its last legs. Plus, I have two more bags of leafy greens -- green leaf lettuce from a deli tray and kale, extracted from an Edible Arrangement.

Nothin' goes to waste.

OK -- a couple things did get tossed. Last night I (brace yourselves, chocolate lovers) dumped a bunch of See's candies into the garbage disposal. The sound of nuts 'n' chews being destroyed was loud, violent and just a little bit satisfying. Today, I was rummaging in the yogurt bin (what others would call a produce bin we turned into a home for yogurts) and found a container of leftover pumpkin cheesecake. 

That went down the drain as well.

I have a freezer full of fruit from two Edible Arrangements and have been making smoothies with those all week. The leafy greens will get turned into dinners this weekend.

But the chocolate and the cheesecake? Buh-bye.


There's still half a banana cream pie in the fridge but luckily I find banana cream pie to be one of the MOST VILE FOODS ON EARTH so there's zero temptation.

I gave out bags and containers of cheesecake, cake, cookies, rugelach and other goodies to anyone within my reach the past week. My teenager has greatly cut down on foods like that since he realized he feels better with less of it. Also, he doesn't have any weight issues (and probably never will) so he can't hear the siren's song.

It's just something I have to do to jump back on the horse.