Words of Wisdom Wednesday, from Jillian's mom
Tunes for Tuesday: I Wanna Get Better, by Bleachers

Another week, another pound

Down another pound this week, making 4 pounds in 3 weeks.

And yet...

All I wish it that it could be more.

But I need to get that out of my head because the consistency the past 3 weeks really makes me happy. 

At this point in most eating plans, I tend to get bored and start cutting corners, but I feel the opposite. As the weeks have gone on I feel more comfortable with my food choices and am planning my meals better so I don't stand stymied in front of the fridge at meal time. 

When I don't plan my meals, that deer in the fridge lights thing happens and my mind spins.

image from www.shrinkingsisters.com
This is the super special limited edition Fitbook.

How many dairy servings have you had? What sort of protein? Vegetables or fruit? Is it time for starchy carbs?

It's exhausting, so writing down my game plan in my Fitbook helps a lot. I tick all the boxes as I go along in my planning and eating so that at the end of the day I'm neither coming up short nor going over.

Instead of my willpower waning and mind straying, I'm feeling more and more secure about my choices. (It doesn't hurt that I'm listening to The Willpower Instinct audiobook again. Seriously, get it, it's great. I got the Kindle version and paid extra for the audio book part.)

I listened to some of it over the weekend and the takeaway of the chapter I was listening to reminded me to remember the "why" of changing my habits (namely, cutting out nighttime boredom eating). Why are you doing this? What is the ultimate goal? It forces you to look at the bigger picture instead of the short-term impulse cheese stick (or whatever).

Most of this process is between my ears, so going to the gym regularly is great but the brain workout is just as important, if not more so.

That's all I've got tonight -- gotta get the kid up early for band camp tomorrow. That means Mom's gotta hit the hay, too.