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A speed bump made of muscle

I went up a pound on the scale this week, which at first would be a serious bummer, but I dug into the Withings scale stats and discovered that my body fat percentage went down 3 points while my lean mass percentage went up 3 percentage points.

So while the weight loss hit a speed bump, that speed bump is made of muscle. I actually thought the scale would be down because my midsection felt smaller and my jeans were fitting better, but that's also what losing fat and gaining muscle does, so I consider it a win.


And there are other issues with the past week that may have contributed. I looked back over my Fitbook and saw a couple days where I didn't log all my food. I tend to conveniently "forget" how many almonds or how many pieces of fruit I ate, so I'm keeping that little book by my side from now on. The water drinking also got a little lax but that also changes today. Back to the 8, and no counting coffee!

My workouts were good the past week, but this week I'm adding the 21-Day Fix to the mix. I'm still going to the gym to do strength training but the video workouts will up the cardio and mix in some Pilates and yoga -- two things I really need to help with flexibility. 

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