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Sriracha almonds? Say no more!

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.

Blue diamond srirachaSince I am a Blue Diamond Tastemaker, I get fairly regular shipments of almond products that I'll use for recipes and blog posts.

My latest delivery was a two-pack of Sriracha Blue Diamond Almonds, and frankly, this is the only recipe you need:

  1. Open can.
  2. Enjoy.

I mean, seriously? Why mess with perfection -- these almonds have just the right kick of heat to keep things interesting and provide their own "satiety shut-off." Turns out, making foods spicy can increase satiety. (HERE'S a link to the medical mumbo-jumbo.)

For the most part, I keep a few cans or the big bag of Low-Sodium Blue Diamond Almonds in the pantry most of the time but these little stunners will join the lineup for sure.