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Better an overuse injury than an underuse one, right?

I haven't really talked about this much but I've spent the past month cutting back on my exercise and going to physical therapy twice a week. 

Yesterday was my last session (we had a ceremonial tossing out of the "stim" pads), and I'm happy to say I'm much better. I went back to the gym this morning and did a top-to-bottom strength workout and made sure to stretch when I was done.

That's what caused the problem in the first place.

I get so obsessed with RESULTS! that I tend to ignore things like stretching, rest and recovery. (Where's the fat burning in that?)

My PT just shook his head when I told him of my old mindset. Apparently thinking like that is what keeps that office in brisk business.

But I learned many valuable lessons in my month of twice-weekly physical therapy.

  • How to do squats properly. I've been doing them wrong forever! In my zeal to go straight down, I've been starting with my knees instead of sticking my butt out first.

Graduated from PT today, but this will remain a friend for life. #fitbloggin #fitfluential #sweatpink #stretch

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  • That this strap is better than a yoga strap. I ordered this OPTP Stretch Out Strap, which came with a booklet, on Amazon, and I am committed to using it every day. It's like a yoga strap but there are a bunch of hand-holds throughout it so you can get a better grip.

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  • How to tape myself. I've had this roll of KT Pro tape for a couple of months but I've been too intimidated to use it myself. The physical therapists showed me how to do it and it's fairly easy. They also mentioned that I don't have to keep it on all the time, just when I feel like I need some extra support. 

And I also surprised myself yesterday. I hadn't weighed myself in quite a while and was feeling a bit nervous since I haven't been obsessively counting calories or balancing macros or any of that "diet mentality" stuff. I stepped on the scale and found that I was actually down a pound from the last time I checked.

Right now, it's not as much about losing weight as it is about undoing DECADES of diet damage and restrictive thinking. 

Kinda like rest and recovery for my brain.