Tunes for Tuesday: Blame It On Me, by George Ezra
Tunes for Tuesday: Time of Our Lives, by Pitbull and Ne-Yo

Sloppy and Cocky have left the building

Met with my dietitian today and I told her I hadn't lost any additional weight from the 4 that basically fell off me the first two weeks. 

I also told her that I knew why.

I got sloppy and cocky.

Sloppy in that I'd skip a day or so of food tracking and staying on the program. Cocky in that I thought I had it wired. Here's what was going through my head:

"Well as long as I'm not eating wheat/sugar/dairy/etc. I don't really have to worry about how many nuts/avocado/hemp seeds I eat."

Turns out I do. 

While not eating those foods, I have been adding in more calorically dense foods, and if you eat too much of them, you won't lose weight.

Another thing that was happening was what I'll call "sugar creep." I had gotten a bunch of raw vegan snacks in the mail and they were freaking delicious. The sweet ones contained dates as their sweetener, and while dates are a fruit, they're a dried fruit and super high in sugar.

It hit me when an article showed up on my Facebook feed, titled: "Dates: Healthy Sweetener or Sugar Bomb?" It was from the I Quit Sugar blog (which I really need to read more often), and basically it says that dates are, indeed, sugar bombs and the sugar found in them is largely fructose, which is metabolized differently than glucose in the body. It tends to get stored as fat more easily than other "-ose" sugars.

So, basically, I've been stuffing my face with date-y snacks.

Today I was much more aware of the sugar creep and my afternoon snack was a hard-boiled egg and a handful of almonds. Those wonderful Rx Bars I discovered are sweetened with dates, but they also have a lot of protein and fiber so the impact is mitigated a bit. Funny thing is, I don't eat them as often as I thought I might but it's nice to have them in the pantry.

Fitbook whitneyI'm also tracking a lot better -- I just got my fancy new Fitbook and it's lovely motivation. (I'd link to it but it was a limited edition and it's sold out. Here's the regular one.) I write down what and when I eat so I can see how my meal spacing is going. I'm shooting for at least 3 hours between meals and snacks. Waiting longer between meals helps regulate leptin, the hormone that regulates hunger. When you're constantly sticking food in your face, your body becomes less sensitive to leptin and you wind up leptin resistant. And hungry all the damn time. 

On another, somewhat related subject, I told her about my IT band situation. I went to the sports medicine doc last week and I actually diagnosed myself correctly! It was indeed my IT band, plus a little patellar tendinitis thrown in for fun. In fact, the physician assistant chuckled when he manipulated my right leg. (Don't worry, I laughed, too.) Nice thing was, the X-rays all looked good. So it's all bands and tendons. I immediately walked across the parking lot to their physical therapy office and made an appointment, which was this past Friday. 

The physical therapist was equally impressed with my lack of flexibility in my IT bands -- both of them! -- and we got to work on fixing that. I now have three exercises I do every day to loosen that area up, and a bunch more PT appointments.

So why did I mention this to my dietitian? I'm supposed to be taking two Aleve every morning, and while taking one Aleve every now and then doesn't bother me, taking two Aleve every single day has been giving me an all-day stomach ache. So she told me about a dietary supplement called Enflamen, which is a more powerful anti-inflammatory supplement than others I've tried in the past that just didn't do anything. I took a couple when I got home, and I really felt the stiffness and achiness melt away. 

Don't try looking for Enflamen at the drug store -- I think it's only sold through medical professionals. All I know is it seems to work as well as an NSAID without the tummy trouble. (You can read more about it HERE.)

So, that's about it. Did my strength training by heaving around microwave ovens -- the old one broke and the new one was damaged in the box so I had to drag it back to the store and exchange it. Lots of heavy lifting today!