A Ginger-Peach Smoothie to perk up your day
Tunes for Tuesday: Wrapped Up, by Olly Murs, ft. Travie McCoy

I'm very glad I don't give up

Never never never give up mug

Got myself a new mug today to celebrate the fact that I do not give up. (I also bought brussels sprouts, lemons and a rainbow of hummus). 

I was commemorating the 2-and-change pounds I lost the first week of my dietitian-prescribed 2-week "detox cleanse." And I know it sounds corny but I feel like I'm detoxing. 

That sad, powerful craving for yogurt and cheese has waned (although the ad for the Irish cheese had me wistful). I don't miss wheat at all (well except for those Cuban sandwiches I bought for my guys). The sugar thing isn't a real issue but MAN! is it hard to find unsweetened non-dairy, non-soy creamers. I've kinda settled on either unsweetened cashew or flax milk (believe me, I've tried all the nut and seed milks this week). 

But as you can see, the craving landmines are more situational. I don't sit around pining for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a slice of pizza. But when those situations and occasions spring up, I nimbly sidestep them, even on my birthday.

I did have a couple items on the "no" list yesterday -- I had one glass of Riesling at the vegan restaurant, and instead of birthday cake, we went to TCBY where I had a serving of fro-yo made with Silk almond milk. 

And, y'know what? I felt kinda gross late last night. So it was back to business this morning.

The thing that has been freaking me out is not knowing really how many calories I'm eating in a day. I'm journaling my food, but I'm just writing down what I eat, not the stats of every food. It's making me feel more secure in my food choices knowing that I can eat like this and still lose weight. 

I also officially got over my ALL THE OLIVES AND ALMONDS! snacking of the previous week. I don't know if it's the supplements I'm taking or the food I'm not eating anymore but I'm MUCH more aware of my satiety. And I can stop!

This week, aside from Birthday Sunday, feels like it should be equally successful. I dropped 2 inches off my waist circumference and just feel better, which is the whole point of this. 

I don't know what to expect after this 2-week plan is over, but I can't wait to meet with Meryl again on Monday and find out.