Tunes for Tuesday: MoneyGrabber, by Fitz and the Tantrums
Tunes for Tuesday: Don't, by Ed Sheeran

Weight Watchers Wednesday: To be continued (on Saturday)

Checking in early today because there's nothing to report other than I'm swathed in ThermaCare lower back heat wraps. I did something to my lower back/hip area last week and I'm now on Day 7 of stiffness. I'm trying not to hit the Aleve bottle every day but the 5 a.m. twinge has been waking me up the past two mornings. 

image from www.shrinkingsisters.comSo what does any of this have to do with Weight Watchers? I drove the teenager to school today, came home and promptly fell asleep, snoozing through my meeting.

But this back thing is getting better. Earlier in the week, I couldn't even pick a paperclip up from the floor and I can do that now (drop all the paperclips!). The stiffness has retreated to my lower left side and I'm hoping it'll all be gone in a few days.

My sister has been absolutely crushing it on Weight Watchers -- 7 pounds in two weeks! So I'm going to meet her at her Saturday meeting to have some of her success mojo rub off on me.

The weigh-in is on hold until then but the taking care of myself isn't.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm putting on my sneakers and treating myself to a good, long walk!