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Weight Watchers Wednesday: Locking this down

Sister: "Are you a lifetime member?"

Me: "No. You have to hit goal for that."

Sister: "Oh, you've just been going for a lifetime."

I was down 2.2 pounds this week and I knew it'd be a good week on the scale because I was hiking up my jeans again. (Yay for hiking up my jeans!)

Cutting yoyo string blue

So what do I need to do to cut this yo-yo string now that the yo-yo is back down? I did a quick inventory of what I did differently this week:

  • Drank more water and "water-like beverages" (green tea, sparkling water, etc.)
  • Ate fewer starchy foods and replaced them with good fats and protein. This one is really difficult for me because CARBS! I love them, and it's super easy to go all cereal and milk for breakfast. But I did a lot more eggs, egg whites and Egg Beaters, depending on whether I could afford the extra fat at the meal. Sometimes if I want a cheesy omelet, I'll do Egg Beaters or egg whites and spend the fat on cheese or even avocado.
  • Did a much better job of going to bed earlier.
  • Relied on my green beans. What's that, you ask? I keep a few cans of low-sodium green beans in the pantry and if I just have to have something, I'll go for the green beans. Sometimes they hit the spot better than a piece of fruit.
  • Went for lower-Point yogurts. I have a variety of Greek yogurts in the fridge because my husband and I eat a lot of yogurt. I have sugar-sweetened ones and 100-calorie ones that are only 2 Points (Yoplait Greek 100). One of those and a piece of fruit is a great afternoon snack. 

For the next few weeks I'll be joining my sister at her Saturday meetings because my meetings will be closed on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

I know I have said this a million, zillion times (see phone conversation with my sister above) but this yo-yo string is staying down and getting permanently cut!