Tunes for Tuesday: Don't Stop the (Christmas) Party, by Pitbull
Tunes for Tuesday: Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Weight Watchers Saturday: Post-Christmas victory edition

My usual Wednesday Weight Watchers meeting is closed for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve so I'm joining my sister at her Saturday meetings until the holidays are over (and may keep going for some extra motivation).

Dropped a half pound this week, which was great because there was some undocumented nibbling going on and a little less exercise than usual (unless you count zipping from store to store). 

We had ham, brussels sprouts and acorn squash on Christmas Eve, and I made a Weight Watchers-friendly lasagna and Key lime pie on Christmas. And even though I didn't overindulge, the combination of lasagna, pie and a pomegranate martini had me feeling like absolute crap all night long. After all these years of eating healthy food, I think I can only do one "splurgie" thing at a time -- any more and it feels like I'm fueling my race car with garbage.

So Friday I kicked the day off with a holiday-themed smoothie -- almond milk-based holiday nog (100 calories for a whole cup) mixed with cinnamon roll-flavored vegan protein and a frozen banana. 

Last night we went to Santa's Enchanted Forest down in Miami because TEENAGERS. (News flash: it is neither enchanted nor a forest. It's a large carnival.) The husband and I played chaperone and stayed out of the teenager's hair as he and his pals went on rides that looked like some sort of astronaut shake-out test. 

Carnival coffee
Nachos by the bucketAs for finding a non-threatening carnival-food dinner, it was pretty easy. Nearly every carnival has a Greek food stand and the selections there are good. I had a chicken pita with lots of grilled veggies, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce. Later I treated myself to a Cuban coffee, which, for the uninitiated, is equal parts espresso and sugar. Still better than an elephant ear. I also had a 2-Point bag of pistachios in my purse and enjoyed them while the teenager fueled up on a post-dinner burger and fries (the metabolism of a teenage boy is a thing to behold). 

But holy landmines -- there's a lot of bad food choices to be made at a carnival. An ice cream cone looks like health food compared to the fried Oreos, elephant ears, everything dipped in chocolate, pizza, bacon cheese fries and of course the bucket of nachos. Now it's not a Home Depot bucket -- it's more of a small Halloween candy-sized trough that you can carry with you. But still.

(My husband joked that I should open a Gail's Kale concession -- but first we'd have to figure out how to deep-fry kale and coat it in chocolate.)

We did get a fair amount of walking in -- I got the husband a Vivofit for Christmas, and he gleefully looked at the thousands of steps he put in throughout the day. (He got in more than 3 miles earlier in the day and added on another 3 at the carnival.)

So I'll take that half pound and will do everything in my power to top that next week.