Tunes for Tuesday: Shake it Off/Aerobics Mashup
Tunes for Tuesday: Danger Zone, by Kenny Loggins

Weight Watchers Wednesday: The tiny snowball

OK, I rolled up a tiny snowball this week -- a 4-ounce snowball to be exact. But it's a quarter pound down and it's about right. There was still a lot of lazy meal planning and forgetful food journaling, so this week the goal is to make the snowball bigger by:

  • Planning my meals BEFORE I eat them instead of eating, going "Oh, crap, 12 Points!" and then tracking.
  • Drinking more water and waterlike substances. I got a little better this week but still not nearly enough.
  • Going to bed before midnight. Going to bed before midnight. GOING TO BED BEFORE MIDNIGHT!!! (I need reinforcing.)
  • Enjoying the cooler weather with more outdoor walks.

OK, that's enough for this week. If I were to actually DO all these things and do them consistently, the weight loss will continue.

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Is consistency a problem for you? (It is for me.)