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Weight Watchers Wednesday: The relearning begins

Who's got two thumbs and didn't lose weight on her first week back at Weight Watchers:

2 thumbs this girlYeesh.

I'm not completely surprised, although the weigh-in lady was (lady, I am one special snowflake).

I ate through all my 49 weekly points and half my exercise points, and while that's totally within the parameters of the plan, it's probably not the best way to start.

I also discovered that I'd reach my daily point limit really quickly, so I'm now working on rethinking my meals and snacks, looking for ways to add in more fruits and vegetables, which won't count toward my total.

I'm going to treat those 49 weekly points as the bonus that they are, so I'm going to try not to dip into them all the time. I'll save them for special occasions or restaurant meals, not for extra protein bars or french fries.

It was an eye-opening week, and I'm looking forward to better results next week.