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Weight Watchers Wednesday: A tiny snowball, but I'll take it

Snowball girlFinally starting to chip away at the weight-loss standstill. Was down a half pound this week and, hey, I'll take it. Those snowballs rolling downhill have to start somewhere.

What I learned this week:

Fruits and vegetables are my friends: Time was, if it was snack time or I wanted something after dinner, I'd go for a protein bar or some Greek yogurt. Both of those things are fine, but when points are an issue, I'll go with the zero-point produce and perhaps add a point or two of protein.

Hummus has fewer points than I thought! And for that I am happy. One or two points of hummus with some fresh veggies are a satisfying snack.

I really shouldn't buy ice cream bars, no matter how low in calories/points they are: It's still far too easy to saunter over to the freezer and grab a bar, then -- boom! -- there goes 2 or 3 points that I really didn't need. I need to make the food a little harder to get.

The teenager is getting single-serve bags of snack food instead of the big bargain bags: I have no problem at all with single-serve bags of chips but I do tend to grab a few when they're in a big bag. So we'll be spending a little more money to save on slip-ups.

Even though I workout 5 times a week, I still sit WAY too much: Like today, for example, I put on my workout clothes, weighed in at Weight Watchers, came home and proceeded to sit on my can all day, catching up on emails and baseball pregame shows. Gotta find ways to goose myself off my duff at least once an hour. Granted, I did something at the gym yesterday that had my glute muscles screaming in pain all night and this morning, but I'm OK now so I'll fire up the DVD player and do one of the barre workouts that I'm trying out all week.

So while that half-pound snowball is tiny, I'm going to continue to push it downhill.