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Weight Watchers: This time it's different (and a giveaway!)


What's that picture, you say?

Yeah, that's Weight Watchers stuff. 

I know, I KNOW. I said I was going to give Shred a month, but after a few weeks, I didn't like that the scale wasn't budging. 

"I need to do something different. I need to get the ball rolling NOW," I thought to myself last Tuesday night. So I jumped online and rejoined Weight Watchers. But instead of doing Weight Watchers Online, which is what I had been doing, I got up Wednesday morning, put on my workout clothes and weighed in, in person, at the Weight Watchers meeting center. 

I haven't been to live meetings in quite a few years because, frankly, I was tired of listening to old condo ladies talk about their diet soda-canned pumpkin-sawdust zero Point muffins and hearing about the leader's cats. So this time it's different.

  • New day and time for meetings. Different crew, different view.
  • No processed low-Point "diet food." I'm sticking with whole, mostly unprocessed foods and shoehorning them into my PointsPlus allowance. 
  • No artificial sweeteners, no fat-free stuff that is not supposed to be fat free, no sawdust bread. If it's supposed to have some fat then it'll just have more Points but it'll be more satiating. 
  • No "Points shifting," which was a weasely little thing I would do. If I ate something late at night, I'd tack it onto the next day's food journal. Nope -- this time if I eat it, it eats into the weekly 49-Point bonus. Last I checked, I still have about 10 bonus Points left, so they really don't disappear as quickly as I thought.

I've got my weigh-in on Wednesday and I'm hoping for something good. I can feel a little looseness in the clothes.

And speaking of weigh-ins, I'm only going to step on that scale at the meeting and not jump on at home eleventy billion times a week.

And now the giveaway!

So to celebrate my return to Weight Watchers, I'm giving away a copy of their newest cookbook, Weight Watchers Cook It Fast. There are 250 recipes that only take from 15 to 30 minutes, so there's no excuse for having to hit the drive-thru (unless you're my teenage son who needs his monthly Taco Bell fix).

I have a few Weight Watchers heroes (RoniLynn), but the one person I want to celebrate right now is Suzi. She was featured in a Weight Watchers national ad campaign a few years back. Magazine ads, TV commercials, the whole shebang. But then the weight came back. No problem -- she is battling back and is crushing it. She doesn't know it, but she's the reason I went back to Weight Watchers. She gave me hope that it can be done and it will be done.

What do you need to do? 

Tell me who your weight-loss hero is and why they inspire you. Leave it in the comments below, and I'll give ya extra entries if you:

I'll give you until Oct. 31 (that'd be Halloween) at noon ET to get your entries in.