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Carrots and celery

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I like to make "OK, this is IT!" statements on the one thing that's going to fix everything.

Like I'm about to do now.

But honestly, this took like 3 minutes of prep work and saved my bacon last night. Here it is:

Carrots and celery

A Tupperware container of carrot and celery sticks. How old school. (I suppose a Mason jar of kale would have been trendier.)

Last night was the season 16 premiere of "The Biggest Loser" and I was writing my weekly recap (which I am now doing for Fit Bottomed Girls -- yay!). 

As I write the recap, I have been known to nibble through the process, which is not good. Knowing my habits, well before the show began, I grabbed the bags of carrots and celery, cleaned and cut everything and plopped it into a large container. I then gave myself permission to eat those things with abandon (because, really, now ham can you go on carrots and celery?).

And I gave myself some parameters. No salt, no dip, no hummus, not even salsa (I'm trying again to cut down on sodium because I hate waking up with a salt hangover). Just the lovely organic vegetables. (Yes, I splurge on organic vegetables because I feel they taste better.)

So I had my pile of veg and a bottle of water flavored with a packet of True Lemon lemonade (sugar free and made with stevia). 

I made it through "The Biggest Loser" (and a glimpse at that horrific Marlins game) without resorting to pantry grazing and I felt great this morning. OK, sleepy but great. I felt like I was going to tank my meeting with my trainer but honestly, 10 minutes on the rowing machine actually gave me energy to power through the 30 minutes with her. I even powered through two 30-second planks at the end of the workout.

Carrots and celery -- it's my new nighttime jam.