The tough-love letter, revisited

Yoga Saturday: Yoga for Inflexible People

Yoga for inflexible people"Relax your gums."

Hearing that command, I burst into a fit of laughter.

I finally got around to doing one of the practices on the DVD "Yoga for Inflexible People" (Bodywisdom Media). I've had it for a couple of years, but actually, the DVD has been around since 2002. Because of that, it may not be the prettiest DVD you've ever done but when you think about it, you're not All really watching the TV much when doing yoga. Either your eyes are closed or you're twisted away from the TV.

All that said, I really liked the 15-minute energizing practice. I had a lot to do today and not a lot of time, so I needed quick and energizing. The voiceover guidance is clear and friendly and not too woo-woo. 

There are 20 different practices on the DVD -- some focus on body parts, like shoulders, while others are energizing or relaxing. The one I did had a lot of down dogs and had me standing and lying down. The practice called for yoga blocks, a chair and a strap, although I never saw the person on screen use the strap. The blocks came in handy for side poses but I didn't need the chair (I'm more flexible in some places, not so much in others). 

That "relax your gums" command came at the end, when I was on the floor in corpse pose. There were also other relaxing commands I had never thought of before, like letting your eyeballs rest at the back of your sockets. OK, I chuckled a bit at that, too, but it was also a good reminder to let EVERYTHING release tension -- even your eyeballs.