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Stalwart. I love that word, so I thought I'd write an ode to it today.

It popped into my head because, as I was thinking about last week's FitBloggin' conference, I looked back at the people who attend. The first group are the newbies -- people who just started blogging or are thinking about starting a healthy living blog. Some of them return to next year's conference but many are "one and done." 

I worry about the "one and dones" -- they have the best of intentions to blog, to make healthier habits, to get in better shape. Then something happens, they hit a speed bump, and they're gone. 

But as I decided in this year's "tough love" post, it's not for me to worry about other people's weight loss -- I need to focus on my own.

Then there's the other group of FitBloggin' friends -- the stalwarts.

We're there year after year, reconnecting with our "blends" (blog friends), singing karaoke, supporting each other in our sessions and even leading those sessions.

So why are we there year after year? Why are we so loyal? (Especially those of us who don't return as a stunning success story.)

Because, in the words of Winston Churchill, we never, never, never give up.

Even when the scale doesn't budge, or goes up, or (like me) goes down in itty bitty increments.

Even when we're sidelined by an injury or illness or an overwhelming desire to binge watch "Orange is the New Black."

Even when the road to hell is paved with fried green tomatoes.

image from claimthevictory.orgWe eat those tomatoes and jump back on the horse. (OK, maybe not that horse -- he looks crazy.)

(Which is to say I actually lost a pound while out of town and yes I did eat fried green tomatoes, and fried okra and other things that I don't usually eat.)


Because I am resolute in my efforts to finish losing weight and I have friends who are equally stalwart (I linked to some of their "tough love" blog posts in my post.)

stalwart (ˈstɔːlwət)

1. strong and sturdy; robust
2. solid, dependable, and courageous: stalwart citizens.
3. resolute and firm
4. a stalwart person, esp a supporter

It takes those qualities to not throw in the towel and give up. We don't give up, even when it seems ridiculous or frustrating or really, really REALLY slow.

And if you're thinking of giving up, all I have to say is don't.

It's going to happen -- Winnie says so.

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