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Before I can inspire anyone else, I need to inspire myself

I really, really, really want to be a weight-loss success story. As in DONE, maintaining, happy weight success story.

I have done a great job of losing nearly 30 pounds but it has taken 16 years to do that.

(Holy crap, I don't think I've ever written that before.)

That's really slow, isn't it?

This past year I got down to "pre-baby weight" and have stayed at that number for a couple of months now. I am assuming that this is a weight that my body is very comfortable with. 

But I'm not comfortable with it, because it's 235 pounds and I am not 6-foot-8.

I have a very realistic target weight -- 199.9. All I want to be is below 200. Then, when I get there, I'll reassess. 

I have admittedly been kind of half-assed about my food and exercise, despite the fact that I have been faithfully logging NEARLY everything on My Fitness Pal, drinking MORE water and working out three times a week at the gym, once a week at Jazzercise and OCCASIONALLY on Thursdays and Saturdays at home.




Kind of half-assed words, aren't they? 

What doesn't make it onto My Fitness Pal? Oh, the stuff on the spoons, a couple slices of turkey breast (hey, it's pure protein!), a few almonds, a gulp of kefir, etc.

Et cetera et cetera et cetera

More water is good, but it's really not a lot -- it probably comes out to about two-thirds of what I should be drinking. The water bottle I bring to the gym needs to be empty by the time I get home.

The days I'm not at the gym need to be my cardio days. I work from home, and if I don't do any exercise, I'm barely moving -- not good. That Jazzercise Groupon I bought gets me 20 Jazzercise sessions, which is great but I can't slack off on Thursdays. I totally can carve out time for a workout, be it 30 minutes or an hour. I'm good with my Yoga Saturdays because I committed to it for the blog.

I dabbled with carb cycling but I could never remember if it was my higher or lower day, so I set that plan aside. I want to make this whole process less "crazy making" so I went back to my pal Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life system, because ultimately, don't we all want to be diet free?

I think better planning is going to help me get the ball rolling faster downward. Last night I prepped dinner for tonight -- everything is in the fridge. Plus I pre-logged my food on a sheet of paper so I know what to grab the rest of the day. And I got new running shoes over the weekend so I'm going to push myself a little harder at the gym today.

And not be so half assed.