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Tunes for Tuesday: Love Runs Out, by OneRepublic

Tunes for Tuesday: Chicken Fat, by Robert Preston

image from www.wfmu.org

I'm sure by now you've seen the Apple ad that plays up the fitness tracking features of its iPhone (Androids do it too, BTW). It uses a jaunty little song that immediately gave me flashbacks to summer camp. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, we'd get bused off to day camp in the relative wilderness of northern Illinois, where I would throw away my "hay fever" pill in the camp trash can every morning. One of the camps I went to (it was either Banner or Decoma) used to have us do the "Chicken Fat" song every day, and lemme tell you, this chubby kid did not look forward to doing pushups in the hot, humid midday. 

The full song is 6 minutes long and if you'd like to experience the full "Chicken," here it is with the University of Evansville doing the exercises.