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On hold but not off plan

Hold button red

I put a couple of fitness apps on hold for my upcoming trip to Savannah for FitBloggin'. While I'm still doing my meal logging part of the Pact app, I put the gym visits and fruit/veggie logging on hold until I get back because Pact doesn't count hotel gyms. It does count Fitbit steps over 10,000 but I don't want to risk losing a chunk of money because I only got 9,000 steps. As for the produce, it's notoriously hard to load up on veg while on the road but I'm going to do my darndest. I just don't want to stress about it. 

I also put the Chris Powell Bod-e app on hold until I get back because I'll be away from my kitchen and making meals won't be happening. Still on board with carb cycling, which I'll do when I can.

That said, I'm not going off the rails.

I'm still planning on getting in daily activity, when and where I can (#wycwyc) and making healthy choices when it comes to mealtime.

The only food I'm bringing with me is a box of protein bars so I won't find myself making a bad food choice if I get stuck. I used to bring a lot more food with me -- instant oatmeal, protein powder, canned sardines, high-fiber crackers -- but the goal is not to make food "crazy making" at home or away.

I know people who enter "vacation mode," relax the rules, enter the Kingdom of the French Fry, and then bitch about all the vacation weight they've gained.

That's never been my plan and I want to keep my perfect record of either not gaining weight or losing weight while away.