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Yoga Saturday: Element Yoga for Strength & Flexibility, With Ashley Turner

Yoga for strength and flexibility ashley turnerHoly moly, am I inflexible! 

That's usually the first thing that goes through my mind when I fire up any yoga DVD. That's why I chose this workout today. Element Yoga for Strength & Flexibility (Anchor Bay Entertaiment, $14.98) called out to me because of the second workout, which promises to release tension and improve range of motion. It also features Ashley Turner, and she's one of my favorite instructors.

Today I did the flexibility workout (because STIFF!) and this is one that I'll be coming back to again and again. If you're a super bendy yoga pretzel you won't be impressed, but for people made of rebar, like me, it's a great practice and a reminder that there is no perfect yoga pose -- something that Turner reiterates throughout the 30 minutes. I tend to forget that and crane my neck up to see if I'm "doing it right." I finally stopped doing that after I listened to her a time or two.

Perhaps that's because in addition to being a yoga instructor, she's also a psychotherapist!

There are no full-blown sun salutations in this one -- there is a modified one, which I was able to do without one bit of cursing. In fact, I could do pretty much everything in this workout. But that's the point of her explaining that there is no "right" way to do the poses. Every now and then I'd peek up at the screen and see her with her shoulder all the way on the ground after threading the needle, and instead of beating myself up for not being able to do that, I'd just think "Yowza, good for you!"

Maybe one day.

Since I've been adding in yoga and using the Precor stretching thingie at the gym, I haven't had one neck-tension headache and I've been feeling great after my workouts. So, hooray for stretching!

See ya next week for another Yoga Saturday!