A Shamrockin' protein shake for St. Patrick's Day
Tunes for Tuesday: Houdini, by Foster the People

Keepin’ it real (food)

I came up with the most amazing snack last week. I’ve been eating it nearly every afternoon. It’s a creamy and crunchy salty-sweet combo and I can’t wait to share it with you:

Cheese and apple

(Yep, it’s an apple and a piece of cheese.)

Granted, it’s an organic apple and an amazing slice of Irish Cheddar (Happy St. Patrick’s Day, y’all!), but, yeah, two recognizable, unadulterated pieces of real food.

I’ve been eating my meals and snacks with the mantra of “produce and protein” in the back of my mind, and wow, what a difference it’s making. The "produce and protein" was something that was suggested by my team at  Retrofit. They're literally working overtime to help me succeed, which I greatly appreciate.

Last night I had rotisserie chicken, microwaved broccoli and half an avocado for dinner. I then made my kid’s school lunch and was practically repelled by the sight of the bag of sweet potato chips. Like NOT ONE CHIP made its way into my mouth.


I also didn’t eat another thing after dinner – another crazy feat. (Seriously, that never happens.) I had absolutely no desire to eat anything.

I was satiated.

That sentence thrills me to no end. Satiated – I never feel that way in the evening. There’s always room for some yogurt, a piece of fruit, some chocolate … basically anything. But last night the “OFF” switch was solidly flipped.

I think the avocado played a big part in that.

Remember what a big no-no eating half an avocado was back in the day? I’m talking the Snackwells/air-popped popcorn/sugar-free hot cocoa day.

I’m so glad that my thinking has evolved since then.

And now we wait for my metabolism to catch up.

(I’m not scheduled to weigh myself until Wednesday but I can tell things are going well because I can feel my midsection flattening.)