Tunes for Tuesday: Odyssey, by The Wyld
Itching to get this pound off

The yin and yang of muscles and massage

I really 'kneaded' that massage. Ha, ha.

"I'm going to gouge a hole in your massage table," I said as my toes dug into the table while my IT band was kneaded like pizza dough.

Today was massage day, and no, I don't go for that namby-pamby luxury spa stuff. I'm looking for results -- even if that means making noises like I'm being strangled.

I've been doing strength training twice a week for about a month now, so my monthly massage at Massage Envy is more important than ever. I've been going for years because my neck is an absolute mess and monthly massage keeps me out of the operating room (and keeps me able to turn my head). 

But it's also important for fitness. 

Massage helps loosen up tendons, relax tight muscles and works out the giant knots in my shoulders. (Seriously, I have some crazy knots in my traps -- they make thumping noises when they're kneaded.)

I just wish the post-massage looseness would last longer!

So the strength training. 

Now that I've been doing it regularly for about a month, I'm going to switch things up next week. I talked with the personal trainer at Planet Fitness (included in membership, which is great) and he suggested that instead of doing cardio Monday-Wednesday-Friday and strength training Tuesday-Thursday, I should flip things around for awhile, just so my body doesn't start adapting to the status quo.

And I'm looking forward to it. I hadn't done strength training on a regular basis in quite awhile and I really, really like pushing myself. (I pushed myself so hard on the overhead press yesterday that I actually moved the machine! Good thing I didn't set off the Lunk Alarm.)

Strength training is especially important for women over a certain (ahem, 50ish) age because muscle mass declines unless you really work at it.  

But I also noticed another great side effect to strength training -- the more I do it, the less achy and sore I feel day in and day out. 

One little downside -- I think it's making me hungrier, so I'm combatting that with more produce. Apples and baby carrots have been my nighttime go-to snacks when I feel particularly peckish. The sweet crunchiness of the carrots and apples (what am I, a horse?) go a long way in satisfying my hunger.

And as for that pound? I am pretty darn sure it'll be gone by Monday. I weighed myself after breakfast and lunch today (why???) and I was basically the same as Monday, if I subtracted the weight of the food and beverages I ate today.