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Tunes for Tuesday: Blissful Beats, by Rock My Run

Knock it off with the paper eating, Dannon Light & Fit!

First there was this one:

Then I just saw this:

Geez, these commercials tick me off!

 Eating non-food items like paper and cotton balls in the quest to control your appetite is a real thing -- a real disordered thing -- and these ads could be triggering to women who have strugged with eating disorders.

And yeah, the women in the ads are thin -- what's up with that?

If you are dying for an ice cream cone or a muffin, then eat them! Just have one, figure it into your eating plan for the day and move on.

Listen, I've got no problems with other Dannon yogurts -- I have a shelf full of Oikos in the fridge right now.

But like I mentioned with the ice cream cone or the muffin, if you want a Greek yogurt, eat the real thing, not some ersatz Greek yogurt that uses cornstarch and artificial sweetener.

(Better yet, go for the Stonyfield Farm Greek yogurt -- it's organic and really good. Dannon's parent company owns a majority of Stonyfield so it's in the family.)