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OK, pound, you're going down!

For and against the grain: A detox postmortem

Grains world

That picture above? That was basically me 10 seconds after my Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox was over. 

Pasta? Sure! Popcorn? You bet? Handfuls of cereal? Bring it on!

Headache and 3-pound overnight weight gain? Yep!

I grabbed back the steering wheel this morning.

And I learned that grains and I have a tricky relationship. 

OK, so I did lose 3 pounds and took 2 inches off my waist. My stomach never felt better, I had tons of energy and wasn't craving anything. The plan is great -- I highly recommend it for breaking any addictions to sugar and starches. 

I don't recommend giving yourself permission to go medieval on starches when the 10 days are over.

Lesson learned, huh?

I'm not worried about those 3 pounds -- as quickly as they came on, they'll come back off. Today I had one serving of gluten-free granola at breakfast and the rest of the day has been grainless. I had one of the plan's big salads with lots of veggies, clean protein and healthy fats and felt fab again.

Dinner tonight will also be loaded with veg and protein because my stomach is still making huge weird noises from yesterday's starch fest.

As for added sugar, I haven't really added that back in and I really don't feel like doing so, which is a HUGE win. Yes, the granola had some but aside from that and a few apple slices that's been the extent of my sweetness for the day.

But that grain thing. It seems like when I do add it back in, I'll save it for once or twice a day and early in the day.