Food guilt and food love
Tunes for Tuesday: Love Me Again, by John Newman

I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw

Smiley face in the mirror
(Presented to you without selfies because I pretty much don't do selfies.)

  • Maybe it was my new eyeglass prescription.
  • Maybe it was the fact that I figured out how to camoflage the damage I did to my hair after using a DIY keratin treatment I had under my bathroom sink (don't ask).
  • Maybe it was my jeans, which fit me properly. (I really need to toss the baggy stuff.)
  • Or maybe, just maybe, it was the progress I'm making on my fitness.

But this morning, I looked in the bathroom mirror and thought to myself "Hmmm. Not bad!"

I really haven't lost all that much poundage. I've been at my lowest weight since before my nearly-16-year-old was born for a few weeks now, but I'm much healthier than I was back in the mid-1990s so there's probably more muscle and less fat.

Whatever it was, I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I didn't pick myself apart. I didn't zero in on my saddlebags (which I had as a teenager so I think that's just how I'm built). I simply liked what I saw.

I'm not done -- not by a longshot -- but I can finally see the progress others have seen in me.