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So apparently holiday weight gain ISN'T inevitable

You can enjoy yourself and not gain weight
I was all set to write a "Oh, woe is me, losing weight during the holidays is so hard!" post but then I stepped on the scale and saw that I actually lost a pound over the weekend, despite back to back Christmas parties.

Color me shocked.


Between the meatballs and the cookies and the cheese and crackers, I wasn't expecting the best this morning, but I did this "one weird trick" (don't you hate those stupid come-on diet ads that say that?) that kept me from going hog wild. 

I ate normal, regular meals during the day.

I didn't do that "I'd better snarf down all the celery because there's a party tonight" tactic that I don't think works for anyone because then you become all ...


... at the sight of a cheese plate.

And I included protein-packed snacks as well to keep me satiated and to also keep away the carb crazies. I have found, after CENTURIES of dieting, that when I focus on protein and fiber and tone down the starchy carbs a bit, I calm down those EAT ALL THE CRACKERS feelings. I also made sure to get in some exercise, too.

We always keep a basket of protein bars in the pantry for quick snacks or mini-meals with a piece of fruit and they're a good way to stuff in a bunch of protein and quell a sweet craving.

I make sure the bars have a solid amount of protein and is fairly low in sugar. Lately I've also been making sure the bars are gluten free because I feel better avoiding it. (I actually went through the blood test and upper GI reality show and nothing came up but I still feel better eating less wheat, so I'm sticking with it.)

Recently, I was sent some bars from Eat-Smart, Nogii and NOW along with a cool little “Powered by Soy Protein” traveler exercise kit, which includes a pedometer, a jump rope and one of those hand squeezy things that is great for using when you're stuck in traffic.

All the bars were good but I was most impressed with the Nogii bars, which are certified gluten free.

I've been cutting down on my use of protein bars and eating more whole-food meals but you can't beat a bar for an on-the-go snack. 

A giveaway!

Would you like to check out the protein bars and get your own traveler exercise kit? Let me know in the comments your best strategies for staying sane during party season. I'll choose one comment at random and you'll be the winner. Deadline is 5 p.m. ET on December 24, 2013 -- Christmas Eve, why not? 

Disclaimer: The products and gift packs were provided by DuPont Nutrition and Health. This is not a sponsored post.