Tunes for Tuesday: On Top of the World, by Imagine Dragons
Tunes for Tuesday: Little St. Nick, by the Beach Boys

I am driving a bus to Hawaii

Get ready, because I am going to ...

Use all the metaphors

It's what happens when I go for a walk while trying to figure out how to make things work better. 

The scale is stuck, like ...

I am stuck

These 3 pounds feel like a hundred. 

What 3 pounds you ask? The ones that came back after I had beaten them off of me back in October. That's when I had the Unfortunate Generic Synthroid Incident and gained about 6 pounds. Three of those pounds are gone but another 3 refuse to leave.

They're my unwanted holiday houseguests.

I was listening to Robert Ferguson's Diet Free Life podcast on my walk today, as I often do. He's really motivating and encourages a diet-free life, which means you aren't "off" or "on" anything. But you do need to have a plan. And lately my plan is "WHEEEE, NO PLANS!"

On the particular podcast I was listening to today, he likened it to driving a bus to Hawaii. What does that have to do with losing weight? This is how he explained it:

"The bus driver said you're going to Hawaii, but you can't drive from Los Angeles to Hawaii. The only way I know to get to Hawaii from Los Angeles is by boat or plane -- you can't drive. So no matter how great this plan appeared, that bus cannot drive you to Hawaii. ... Just because there's a plan doesn't mean it's going to get you to the destination that you want to be."

Gail drives a bus to hawaii

 So I need to have some sort of plan -- something that will get me to "Hawaii" without drowning off Catalina.

 I'm doing much better with late-night eating but I'm still terrible with drinking water. I made a pledge to my Retrofit advisor that I'd get in 4 glasses of water (not coffee, not tea, not "watery substance" but water) and I actually did it yesterday. I have some serious catching up to do this afternoon. While I don't believe water has magical properties, I do believe it'll help with water retention, fatigue and hunger cravings. 

I'm also focusing on eating more fresh fruit and vegetables to replace some starchy carbs. Yesterday, for example, I had a pear with my yogurt instead of my usual Corazonas oat square. Don't get me wrong, I love those things, but I'll just have them less often. And today's afternoon snack is a pile of celery with some hummus mixed with sriracha sauce (Why haven't I tried this until now? It's faboo!). Usually, my afternoon snack is something sweet but I'm trying to steer myself away from that a bit -- it's less craving inducing, to me at least.

That's my plan this week -- more produce and more water.

Oh, and here's that podcast from Robert. You can subscribe to him on iTunes, which is what I do:

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