Cutting back calories without cutting back enjoyment
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Hello prefrontal cortex, my old friend

Calendar checks
See those cute check marks? That's my running streak of not eating after dinnertime. Yeah, I ate three stalks of celery Saturday night but I'm not counting that because I'M NOT CRAZY.

It's just the latest in an attempt to fight my prefrontal cortex and win, suggested by my Retrofit advisor. 

Prefrontal cortex filled with peanut butterBut man, it's tough!

For all you unfamilar with your brainy parts, the prefrontal cortex regulates behavior. Unfortunately, when one's prefrontal cortex is stuffed full of peanut butter, it's harder to make wise decisions.

So we're waging war with Captain Peanut Butter.

 All it is is a habit -- it's not "oh, gosh, I'm starving" kind of thing. This habit is entrenched and we need to climb out of that trench. 

It's actually a lot better than a habit I had in my 20s when I worked the night shift at the newspaper. Back then I'd get off work around 1 or 2 a.m., head to the grocery store, pick up a bag of Doritos or a pint of ice cream and stay up 'til the wee hours watching Nick at Nite on my tiny TV and stuffing my face. Then I'd sleep 'til noon, hit the gym to work off those calories, head back to work and start the cycle all over again.

If I could break that awful habit I can certainly bust this one.

And I can tick off the Sunday box on the calendar, too! I'm keeping a big bag of precut celery in the fridge for when Captain Peanut Butter steers my brain into the kitchen. Eventually, the habit will be broken, BROKEN, I tell you!