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Breaking out of 'Calorie Prison'

This past week was my first full week of not obsessively counting calories and making sure my macronutrients were compartmentalized into a perfect pie.

I lost 2 pounds and my head felt free, for lack of a better descriptor.

I'm still journaling what I eat, on the Retrofit dashboard, but only the food gets logged, not the calories or the fat or the protein or the fiber.

Interesting thing is there are very few parameters but what parameters there are make me strive to eat a better diet. 

Every meal has a few boxes labeled Fruit, Vegetable, Both, or None. (Do you really want to tick that None box?) You also mark whether the meal was planned or spontaneous, seated with the food on a plate or on the go.

And the between-meal foods are either marked Snack or Treat.

This all makes me think extra hard about what I'm eating. So instead of adding granola to my yogurt this morning, I added fresh fruit. 

When I made a smoothie for lunch, I added a half a banana and a big handful of baby spinach. 

Instead of an afternoon "treat" I had a salad with turkey and miso dressing.

It's a much more holistic way of looking at my food, and since I really don't know exactly how many calories I'm eating in the course of a day, there's no late-night surge to eat all the calories left in my allowance.

It really feels less "crazy making."

And if you want to read about "crazy making," check out this article, titled "I'm Finally Thin -- But Is Living in a Crazymaking Food Prison Really Worth It?"

Even though I'm not at goal weight, I can totally relate to this writer's plight.