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This is why you need a fancy scale


Better late than never, right?

This was supposed to go up Friday but I forgot to hit "publish" so here's the weekly weigh-in.

This is why I keep saying that if you use a scale it should tell you more than poundage. I stayed about the same with a dip on Monday, but as you can see by the Withings data, I'm building muscle and losing fat, which is more important than anything.

And I'm not the only one looking at my Withings and Fitbit stats -- thanks to the Withings newsletter, I found out about a free month of the Retrofit system. It's a one-on-one weight-loss plan that uses the Withings scale, Fitbit and Skype to really personalize the experience. I had my first Skype session with a Retrofit counselor on Thursday and it was great. There's no prescribed eating plan -- it's all based on portion control and behavior modification. We come up with a gameplan, and right now, mine is to tackle the nighttime snacking situation by actually planning a nighttime snack -- one nighttime snack -- and enjoying it in the kitchen at the table. No "paired eating" with the TV or Facebook.

The more I get into Retrofit, the more I'll let you know. But so far, I love it.