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Everybody's workin' off the weekend

Friday the 13th on the scale

Friday the 13th scaleface
First off, boo.

Yeah, that's 4 pounds in 10 days. I did dig a little deeper on the Withings site and saw that 2 of the pounds were in extra lean mass and I dropped a pound in fat. So I guess the rest is ... water? 

Almond butter? 


Lemme tell ya, there's nothing more soul-crushing than looking for jobs, freelance and otherwise. You apply, and your resume shoots into some rabbit hole, never to be heard from again. Or you fill out forms and take tests for freelance websites and they tell you you're not spectacular enough to write for them.

I've been up late trolling Craigslist and other job boards looking and looking and shooting out resumes and almond butter ... what?

 So getting on the scale this morning was fraught with dread, like a horror movie (see above). 

I really wasn't expecting the scale to jump like that -- I even stepped up my exercise. And therein lies one of my issues -- when I exercise more, I eat more!


I've also been hitting the sauce a lot lately. 

Not that sauce -- I'm talking soy sauce, salsa, hot sauce -- all salt monsters, and I feel it the next day when I wake up with the "puffies."

Couple that with not drinking enough water and you've got one salty Gail. My workouts have been literally blinding me with super-salty sweat in my eyes.

I thought that scale reading would wreck my day but, really, it didn't.

I've done all I can right now, job-search wise, so I'm going to stop obsessing about that, and with that I'll stop staying up late checking job boards and poring over my resume, trying to figure out what's wrong with it. 

Mopey = weight gain. There's no getting around it.

Good thing my husband brings me flowers instead of candy when he senses I'm extra mopey. He's awesome that way (and more).

I'm going to seriously dial down the sodium and increase my water, and I think next week's scale visit should be much better.

Barre3 standing slimOH! Before I forget, I need to tell you about a great DVD I did this week. The folks at Barre3 sent me some of their workouts and I finally did one of them this week, the "Standing Slim" 30-minute workout. The great thing is all you need is a waist-high thing to support you -- I used my bedroom dresser. You don't even need shoes. And I'm STILL feeling the effects of that great workout in my hamstrings and back side. Brought me back to my ballet class days of childhood.