This is why you need a fancy scale
Tunes for Tuesday: Roar, by Katy Perry

Embrace the struggle

Over the weekend, I realized that to really feel like I have a shot at losing the rest of this weight, I need to accept the fact that it's a difficult pain in the ass and embrace that pain in the ass.

And I'm cool with that. 

Weight doesn't "fall off me" -- it backs away, kicking and screaming. And then it runs back, clutching my leg (or upper arm) until I have to shake it off and tell it to "STAY AWAY!"

It can be enticed back with the simplest of things -- an extra piece of cheese, a spoonful of almond butter. So I need to remember how to make it go away and stay away. Throwing a kettlebell at it or strangling it with a resistance band are a couple of good ways. Lots of vegetables are good for scaring that fat away.

So it's difficult, OK? So I can't eat cupcakes. (So I sound like "Drunk Uncle.")

That's fine -- it's gonna happen.