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This girl is on fire (and not in a good way)

Test pattern
Well, oops. This is what happens when you have a Withings wi-fi enabled scale and you get a new Internet gateway and forget to update the scale -- no weigh-in screenshot today.

Anywhooo, I stayed the same this week but I was once again playing "Mr. Wizard's Chemistry Set" with my digestive system. After last week's iron supplement fiasco, I thought I'd start weaning myself off my Nexium because I thought I didn't need it anymore and it's hella expensive, even with an insurance co-pay. 

{Insert rueful laugh.}

Here's what happened:

Stomach cauldron
When you reduce or eliminate a PPI (proton-pump inhibitor) drug, you can get a rebound effect, or a Mount St. Helens-like surge in acid production. 

Super fun. 

I switched from Nexium to Prevacid and my stomach is still rebelling a bit but I'm starting to use the threat of GERD as a pretty solid reason not to eat after dinner.

I asked the Weight Shrink on Monday if I was punishing myself with this tactic but as a fellow weight loser, she thought it was a novel idea. 

So I've been doing much better not eating after dinner because the consequences are much greater than not seeing the scale move. 

But all that stomach discomfort had me reaching for Italian ice and watered-down Coca-Cola -- two foods not conducive to weight loss. I also found it difficult to workout because after the first horrible day, it felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.

On a positive note, my sister has lost 5 pounds since bunking with us a couple weeks ago while waiting to move into her new condo. It's been fun having The Shrinking Sisters together to plan healthy meals, and she's reaping the rewards.

So today, I laced up the sneaks and went for a great 3-mile walk, listening to Jonathan Bailor's Smarter Science of Slim podcasts. Yes, I own his book but no, I haven't read it yet. And after all the digestive weirdness over the past two weeks I think I need to look into his non-neurotic way of eating and working out.

I'm totally up for trying something new because whatever I'm doing now isn't really working.