The one about my pre-wedding fat-farm trip during a riot
Tunes for Tuesday: Safe and Sound, by Capital Cities

The long, scary road to Friday

See_sawOh, man, my Weight Shrink has my number. She knew why I didn't weigh myself on Friday. Why I was thrilled with the Wednesday number and let it ride.

It wasn't my proclamation that:

I'm taking that sweet Wednesday weigh-in and using it today. It's close enough to Friday and it's great and I'll weigh myself next Friday.

No, it was because 235 is at the bottom of the seesaw and I know how this seesaw works. The real reason I didn't weigh myself: I didn't feel like seeing the seesaw go back up.

Yep. I'm a "scale chicken," and I felt my old nighttime-eating ways creeping back so I figured the scale wouldn't be going down.

Oh, if I only had more faith in myself!

But it's only Monday (barely Monday; it's just about Tuesday) and Friday is a few days away. so I need to suck it up and do well. I need to dig more into the book "Thin Side Out," which I've mentioned before. Author Josie Spinardi talks about "gasping for food," which is exactly what it feels like late at night when the head and the gut are both screaming for food.  

This is the mother of all sticking points and I haven't gotten down below 235 in more than 15 years so vigilence is key.